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2011-06-04: We are still around..
There is alot of questions about new releases, new material and news at all. We are still here, still having alot of good material to work with. Thou we all have alot to do besides the music, we cant keep the same activity as before.

2009-03-06: Back from a long break!
Michigan is back from a long break. Now, the band will finish recording the upcoming album. Hopefully the album will see the light later this year, but no statements has been done.

2008-06-25: In the studio........
Today, Michigan is going to record the first vocals on their new songs. The band is very excited about the new material and they are really satisfied in how it sounds so far. The making of the new material has been complicated, Jonas quote "-We started this recording session using the same computers as we did on the Pulse Of Pain album. Then we changed into Mac without knowing if one iMac would be enough. Now, we realise that we need at least one more iMac for the final mixing and to finish the new songs."
Fans who have heard the new material says that it sounds like a mixture of Michigan, Madonna, The Killers and Coldplay. What a combination:)!!

Maybe the best album of the year 2009??????

2008-06-17: Pulse Of Pain, Limited Edition!!
Now you have the chance to buy an exclusive copy of the new album with Michigan, Pulse Of Pain, Limited Edition!!
Just click on the link below and make sure you get a copy!

2008-01-09: Happy New Year
To us all. Briefly: There are plans about making a 2nd single from the album "Pulse of Pain". Some new songs will probably see the light. Stay tune for more details!!


2007-09-21: Michigan-On Tour each day
Hi everbody!!

We will try to update you every day on what┤s going on during the days on our german tour. You will get a report on how the concerts ends-up, and on things that we do when we┤re not on stage. We will also film the whole trip, and maybe there will be an officail dvd later. Clips from the tour will be available later.......
Check out
Cheers and thanks for your support

Jonas, Peter


2007-09-20: Pulse of Pain realeasedate
Michigan┤s new albumn Pulse of Pain will be released october 5th. It contains 12 electronic classicals, with Michigan┤s trademark, strong melodies, atmospheres, dynamics and lyrics.

2007-08-25: The Nomad video!!!
Check out the brand new video "The Nomad" at:

2007-08-19: The Nomad Full version
You can listen to "The Nomad" in it┤s full length on


2007-08-16: Michigan "The Nomad" CDM
"The Nomad" is the first single to be released from the upcoming Michigan album "Pulse of Pain". A single presenting you with a great mix of high quality electronic pop music and a video.
The single presents you with five versions of the title track - remixes provided by Frozen Plasma, Iris and Code 64. Add to this the exclusive track "The Sirens Sounds" and you have a great preview of what is to come on the album.

Here┤s the official tracklist:
1. The Nomad
2. The Nomad (Iris Mix)
3. The Nomad (Jacks Back Mix)
4. The Nomad (Frozen Plasma Remix)
5. The Sirens Sounds
6. The Nomad (Code 64 Remix by Alchem)

Releasedate August 24th.

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Previous gigs:
2008-08-10Summer Darkness, Utrecht Netherlands
2007-10-07Colombia Club, Berlin Germany
2007-10-06Dekompresja, Lodz Poland
2007-10-05Capitol, Hannover Germany
2007-10-04Roehre, Stuttgart Germany
2007-10-03Batschkapp, Frankfurt Germany
2007-10-02Anker, Leipzig Germany
2007-09-30Mau Club, Rostock Germany
2007-09-29Factory, Magdeburg Germany
2007-09-28Markthalle, Hamburg Germany
2007-09-27R÷schenhof, Dresden Germany
2007-09-25Stereo, Bielefeld Germany
2007-09-24Zeche Carl, Essen Germany
2007-09-23Prime Club, Cologne Germany
2007-09-22HSD (Gewerkschaftshaus), Erfurt Germany

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